Best Western Plus, Wembley

London Hotel Group (LHG)

Wembley, London


To complete multimodal travel surveys of the site with the aim of collecting baseline multimodal trip generation information to support the production of the Year 1 (Baseline) Monitoring Report in accordance with the site’s S106 requirements.


RGP has provided transport planning support for a number of LHG sites to ensure successful planning approvals.

In the case of the Best Western Plus hotel in Wembley, the site is the first of a new branch of LHG hotels to come into operation across London and therefore is the first site where travel surveys could be undertaken.

The survey information was initially intended to support the development of future LHG sites, but the data collection process was designed such that the information collected could also be used to support the hotel’s travel plan monitoring requirements by being TRICS compliant multimodal surveys.


RGP commissioned surveys of the site between 6am and midnight on a weekday and a weekend day. The surveys included guest interviews, pedestrian trip counts and vehicle trip counts to understand the operation of the hotel. Guest interviews recorded all trips associated with respondents and their anticipated mode of travel associated with these trips. The type of trip was split into check–in/out trips, primary (purpose of the stay) and secondary (all other trips). This method created a true multimodal split profile of the hotel for each survey day rather than the traditional method as considering only check-in trips.

The completed results were submitted to WestTrans; acting on behalf of London Borough of Brent’s Travel Planning team. WestTrans confirmed the data provided was sufficient to comply with the planning requirements and signed off the Year 1 (Baseline) Monitoring Report in July 2018, within the timescales set as part of the site’s S106 agreement.