Caffyns Volkswagen, East Sussex

Caffyns Volkswagen

Eastbourne, East Sussex


RGP were commissioned to provide a highways assessment for the redevelopment of a Volkswagen vehicle showroom and repair work shop on the A2290 Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne.

The extension would see the dealership nearly double in size and provide a new vehicle access on to the busy A2290 Lottbridge Drove dual carriageway. The car dealerships existing access arrangement was from the rear of the site via the Hammonds Drive Industrial Estate. The Hammonds Drive access was unsuitable for large car transporter deliveries, meaning that loading and unloading activities took place on street causing safety issues within the industrial estate. The dealership was also keen to secure greater presence on the strategic road.


As a starting point the principle of access had to be negotiated with East Sussex County Council, whose initial stance was that direct access could not be taken on to the A2290 Lottbridge Drove. RGP accordingly undertook surveys of site’s with direct access to the A2290 Lottbridge Drove to understand the implications of such an access on traffic flow and highway safety.

The assessment revealed that the direct access points that were already in place on the dual carriageway were not constructed to the required design standards and were used far more intensively than the proposed development would be. RGP also identified the benefits of the development proposal, relieving difficult servicing arrangements which currently take place within the Hammonds Drive Industrial Estate.

To provide the direct access on to the A2290 Lottbridge Drove and resolve the delivery issues, RGP designed a bespoke access which entailed the provision of a left-in / left-out arrangement that was compliant with design standards. The access had an enlarged entry radius to allow car transporters to enter the site from the A2290 Lottbridge Drove, such that loading activities could be undertaken within the site, and vehicles could exit through the existing rear access which would be reassigned to a service only egress. This arrangement avoided slow moving car transporters attempting to egress on to the A2290 Lottbridge Drove and meant that no reversing or turning manoeuvres were required in the site or on the local road network. The access and servicing arrangement improved the customer experience and improved highways safety within the Hammonds Drive industrial estate.