Flood Risk Assessment, Littlehampton

Wilmington Homes

Arundel Road, Littlehampton


To support a planning application for the redeveloping of an existing retail/commercial site, located within an Environment Agency designated flood zone, for residential use.


Whilst the site was relatively small, a major constraint was related to flood risk attributed to a nearby tidal river. A consultant had previously advised the client on flooding matters prior to RGP becoming involved, and had prepared a Flood Risk Assessment that was rejected by the Environment Agency. This left the client in a difficult position with regard to the future of the site.


RGP was able to draw upon its knowledge of flood risk and excellent relationship with the Local Authority to prepare a detailed Flood Risk Assessment which demonstrated that the site was suitable for residential development despite it falls within Flood Zone 3. By proposing discrete mitigation within the context of the Client’s and Architect’s preferred site layout design, RGP was able to demonstrate that the solution would solve the previous identified problems and this was deemed to be acceptable to both the Environment Agency and the Client.