Mixed-use Development, Worthing

Northbrook College/Wilmington Homes

West Sussex


Transport Planning input in respect to a disposal of an area of land associated with the existing college for a major mixed-use development.


Part of Northbrook College/West Durrington Campus had been allocated for development and RGP were instructed at an early stage in advising the college of the best way of ensuring a successful sale of the land. In order for the sale to be completed a phased approach to development was needed involving the relocation of car parking and redesign of the internal layout of the College. In addition the college needed to remain operational throughout and timescales were tight given the availability of funding for the project for the future modernisation of the College.


RGP undertook extensive surveys at an early opportunity in order to establish parking demand and traffic generation for the existing College. Through the introduction of a comprehensive Travel Plan, RGP was able to demonstrate that a reduction in parking and hence traffic could be sustained at the College, which led to cost savings in respect to the relocated car park.

This approach also assisted in minimising the traffic impact of the proposed mixed use development which consisted of circa 180 dwellings, commercial space and a care home. RGP was also able to negotiate a suitable level of sustainable transport contributions below that originally requested by the Highway Authority.

Planning permission was granted in September 2012 and RGP has continued its involvement on the project with the detailed design and site supervision of the onsite car parking infrastructure and section 278 works.