26 High Road

Wood Green


Tunbridge Wells


RGP were instructed to advise the client on transport, parking and servicing arrangements for the mixed-use scheme comprising hotel, residential and retail uses. RGP were subsequently instructed to prepare the necessary transport documents to support the planning application comprising a Transport Statement, Travel Plan and Delivery & Servicing Management Plan.


Being situated in a high street location within London, space was at a premium. It was therefore important to make most efficient use of the site, whilst meeting the highway authority and planning policy requirements for car parking and servicing. Additionally, due to this busy location, it would need to be demonstrated that the existing public transport, walking, cycling and highway infrastructure could cope with the potential uplift in passengers / vehicles.


RGP arranged for loading bay surveys to be undertaken and prepared vehicle tracking drawings based on the operator’s bespoke vehicles to demonstrate that off-site servicing could be safely accommodated. As part of the pre-application process it was also agreed with the Council that minimal car parking would be required at the site, based on parking uptake at similar schemes and further justified through the application of local census data.

A full multi-modal trip generation assessment was also undertaken using the TRICS database, in combination with bespoke data held by RGP, to demonstrate there would be no material impact on the highway network or the capacity of existing public transport services.