The Hoxton





RGP were commissioned by Tower 8 to provide highway advice in respect to a proposed 174 bedroom hotel, restaurant, bar and meeting facilities at 203 High Holborn in Camden. The site required a change of use from existing of office and retail space to a 6,200sqm mixed use development.

The development proposals included a roof level extension as well as the replacement of existing plant with additional floor space. The total post-development floor area was 6,164 sqm. The parking and access area at the rear of the site which previously provided 9 car parking spaces was converted into a delivery / servicing area whilst retaining 4 disabled parking spaces. No additional car parking provision was required and facilities for the storage of 20 bicycle was to be made available at the rear of the site.

Due to the excellent location of the hotel and the great accessibility to sustainable modes of transport, Camden Council considered this approach as acceptable and in line with policy and parking standards.