Stephenson House





RGP were approached to provide transport planning input with regard to a 23,000 sqm mixed-use development comprising of office, commercial and residential space at Stephenson House, Hampstead Road in Camden.

The existing site comprises of a 7-storey building containing a mix of land uses including NHS offices and retail space. The existing site has a floor area of 13,128 sqm with a car park that accommodates up to 73 vehicles.

The proposals seek to refurbish and extend the existing building to develop an 8-storey mixed use building comprising office, commercial and resident space with an increase in floor area to 23000 sqm. A total of 17 residential units are also to be provided.

A total of 4 disabled car parking spaces would be retained at basement level alongside sufficient cycle storage. The proposals represent a reduction in car parking by 69 spaces allowing the separate access / egress lanes to be combined into a suitable single lane, increasing the space available for development.

To support a planning application RGP were required to prepare a Transport Statement, Parking and Servicing Summary Note and Travel Plan.

RGP undertook swept path analysis of the largest vehicles anticipated at each area, including cross-sectional assessments of the requisite ground and height clearances for each vehicle. RGP liaised with the project team to provide the necessary details for each area and provided drawings to accompany the planning application.