Following the implementation of social distancing measures in response to the Covid-19 public health emergency, as from 16th March 2020 traffic surveys are no longer considered to be representative of normal conditions. Since the publication of our memorandum on 31st March 2020, RGP has continued to contact local highway authorities in order to establish what forms of traffic data would be acceptable to allow transport planning work to continue for future applications. A summary of the responses RGP has received thus far is set out in the table below.

RGP would be happy to confirm with any particular LHA on your behalf to avoid any abortive work.

Each local highway authority above has provided a detailed response that RGP has summarised within the table above. Almost every authority recommends engaging in pre-application discussions prior to the commencement of any surveys as there are many site-specific factors that can affect traffic surveys. If an area you are working in is not listed above, or if you would like to discuss any transport matters associated with a current or upcoming project, please feel free to contact us via or 01483 861681 or 020 7078 9662 and the RGP team will be more than happy to assist.